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Homeowner listings allow owners and landlords to advertise properties to sell or rent and instantly reach out to the right real estate agents in Singapore. 

There will only be maximum 10 suitable agents who will reach to you to prevent unnecessary calls and messages.

What are homeowner listings?

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Why homeowner listings?

Faster & efficient

Advertise directly to more than 15,000 agents, let them know your expectations

Higher chance of getting the deal

You are more likely to receive enquiries by agents with potential buyer or tenant on hand

Who will send you enquiries?

As the fastest growing property portal in Singapore, our regular visitors (real estate agents) are professionals who understand the importance of research in finding the most suitable properties for their clients.

How does this work?

Create a listing with comprehensive details and the best photos of your property

Receive enquiries from agents and arrange viewings

Done deal!


Are there any hidden cost for this service?

No, we provide the service to our users without any charges. Feel free to advertise at our site!

How much do I have to pay for agent's commission?

Agent's commission is not fixed and is negotiated between owner/ landlord and the agent themselves. You can read more about commissions from the Council for Estate Agencies here

♦ Could my listing reach buyers or tenants directly without getting agent as middleman?

To ensure the right level of transparency and efficiency, we currently do not offer direct owner/ landlord listings to consumers.